Education is vital to helping children (and adults) learn the responsibilities that go along with having a pet rabbit.  Not everyone is meant to be a pet rabbit owner.  They are a lot of work for someone that hasn't taken time to prepare for what these tiny animals need daily to be happy and healthy.

Pet rabbits should never be bought as a gift for a child!  Before purchasing or adopting a rabbit for a child, ask yourself - Is my child still playing with ALL of their Christmas gifts?  Are the gifts ALL still in working order?  Does my child keep their own room clean without being told to do so?  (and yes...)Does my child ever give me trouble when it comes to brushing teeth?  If you answered NO to any of these questions, then a pet is not going to be recommended for a child.  Keep in mind, that animals should never be a "learning tool" for a child to learn how to be a  responsible person - that is your job to teach them.  

By taking part in all of our free education, you will be completely set for pet rabbit ownership.  You can learn what will be needed for a pet rabbit to live in your home.  Visiting the Habitat will give you hands-on experience before making the final commitment. Did you know that people can be allergic to rabbits?  So, another plus to visiting the shelter can allow you the opportunity to see how you do around them.  

Education is FREE!   
If you would like to receive free information or if you would like to begin your learning experience at the Habitat, please let us know.  

Education  for  Kids

Bunny Mail 

What is Bunny Mail?

Bunny Mail is a monthly subscription for kids to receive rabbit education in the mail.  Each packet includes a "lesson" for the month, a related activity for them to do, and a small craft project.  This is a free service for up to age 12, and can be mailed anywhere in the United States.

To sign a child or children up for Bunny Mail, please send and email to
Include the following: Each child's name, age, and mailing address.  

*This program is 100% funded by a sponsor.