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©Holley's Hopping Habitat - Rabbit Rescue & Education Center

Our organization started in 2010 when a 6-year old girl saw a need to help small animals, ones that were often overlooked.  So, this little girl formed Holley's Hopping Habitat Rabbit Rescue.  In 2011, we quickly realized that in order for others to learn more about taking care of pet rabbits, we needed to start sharing what knowledge we could.  This plan would allow us to provide education to others about the importance of being a responsible pet rabbit owner, things that make rabbits great pets, and how others can help with our mission.  We are very proud to be the only non-profit, 501(c)(3) rabbit-only rescue in the North Louisiana area.  Our shelter is committed to all things rabbit!  


Who are the Board of Directors for Holley’s Hopping Habitat?
Lou Ann Holley – President
Nancy Sevier – Vice President
Randy Wellhausen – Treasurer
Caitlyn McLain – Youth Activities Coordinator

What services does Holley’s Hopping Habitat provide to the community?
Our organization started in 2010 when a 6-year old girl saw a need to help animals in need, the ones that were overlooked.  So, this little girl formed Holley's Hopping Habitat.  We quickly realized that in order for others to learn more about taking care of pet rabbits we must provide as much education to the public as possible.  

Here is a breakdown of what we provide: 
*Intake processing for rabbits that are being surrendered by owners 
*Intake processing for rabbits that are removed from neglectful environments by police 
*Setting up spays and neuters for rabbits entering the shelter that are unaltered 
*Ensuring health checks are provided for all rabbits entering and leaving the shelter 
*Adoption services for families or individuals looking to add a furry friend to their home 
*Boarding services for rabbits that need a place to stay while their humans go on vacations 
*Grooming services for rabbits that need a nail trim or "hare" cut   

*Presentations at schools and groups about what we do at Holley's Hopping Habitat 
*Presentations at the shelter where schools and groups visit to see first-hand how the shelter works 
*Since our shelter only uses only biodegradable materials for the rabbits, we provide presentations                about composting 
*Educational booklets (designed by us) that illustrate fun facts about domestic rabbits, how to                        provide a safe and healthy environment for pet rabbits, how to volunteer at the rabbit                        shelter, activity pages to help people of all ages learn about rabbits, and much more.

Holley’s Hopping Habitat does not have a publicly listed address.  What is the purpose for concealing the address?
Our address is not listed publicly because (1) we live on-site, and (2) because we are the only animal shelter of any kind in Haughton.  For those reasons, we have decided that it is best to keep our address concealed from the general public and to operate by appointments only. 

What does Holley’s Hopping Habitat look for when receiving an adoption application?
We look for everything.  We analyze each application carefully.  Our application process will often include a pre-employment type background check on the applicant.  It is our job and our goal to make sure that each rabbit is adopted to a home that will treat them with love and respect. 

What is the ideal volunteer candidate for Holley’s Hopping Habitat?
The ideal volunteer is someone that just wants to come out to the shelter or to the events and have fun. 

How do donations impact Holley’s Hopping Habitat?
Donations impact the Habitat greatly.  Without them, we would not be able to do all that we are able to do.  Even a bottle of soap is appreciated and greatly needed at our shelter.  Donations assist us with spaying and neutering the shelter animals, purchasing supplies for cleaning and general maintenance, and paying for items needed at events and activities (such as booklets or stuffed bunnies). 


Holley's Hopping Habitat  DOES  NOT  handle wild rabbits.
If  you  have  questions  about  WILD  RABBITS, please refer to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for assistance or view the Education Pages and look for the Wild Rabbits album for more information.  Despite what many humans may think, IT IS ILLEGAL TO POSSESS WILDLIFE WITHOUT A PERMIT!  




Holley's Hopping Habitat will report any individuals that are believed to be in possession of wildlife without a proper permit from LDWF. 

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